Monthly Archives: November 2018

1st year Medicine English Division students visiting SoftSystem Rzeszów

On 13th November our company was visited by English Division students of University of Rzeszów, Medical Studies department. First year students from the English Division of Medicine were invited to a lecture given by Dr Justyna Surówka and the Director of Research and Development, Michał Madera, at the medical software company SoftSystem in Rzeszów. As…
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New scientific grant funded by European Union

It is our pleasure to announce that SoftSystem, in cooperation with scientists from University of Rzeszow, successfully applied and was awarded a grant funded from European Union funds (RPPK.01.02.00-18-0012/18). The main scope of the project is to expand MRI clinical applications by creating new algorithms to support relaxation times analysis. The overall costs of the…
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