Construction of the Research and Development Center of Medical ICT Technologies

Research and Development Center of Medical ICT Technologies

The construction of the Research and Development Center carried out within the project "Construction of the Research and Development Center of Medical ICT Technologies" of Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020 Action: 2.1. Support For Investments In R&D Infrastructure For Enterprises has been completed. The construction works started in November 2018 and lasted 18 months. The building is equipped with laboratories for research on innovative IT solutions for medicine. The research agenda includes a list of projects that will be added to the Company's product offer within the coming years. The Research and Development Center will significantly help to achieve these goals.

Apart from the basic scope of our activity, i.e. the development of solutions for laboratory processes, we have recently introduced advanced techniques of medical data analysis which are supported by computational intelligence and we will also conduct such research in the newly established research center. We can certainly be proud of plans to implement research and development projects using a spectral flow cytometer. There are only a few such devices in Europe, and starting from the beginning of next year, in cooperation with scientists from the University of Rzeszów, we will be working on developing new solutions in the field of immunology. In the context of the current pandemic, the direction seems to be very important and the device we have purchased offers unprecedented possibilities.

Another striking solution that we are actively working on is the pathology diagnostics system based entirely on digital photos. The system will work with slide scanners from various suppliers and will allow for histopathological and cytopathological diagnostics using images of scanned slides on a computer monitor. Remote diagnostics and remote consultations which are becoming a burning issue nowadays will be possible. The operation of various diagnostic devices that are connected directly to our laboratory systems remains a challenge – we are planning to work on the automation and optimization of these processes. The new research infrastructure will undoubtedly allow to expand the Company's offer with innovative solutions in the field of laboratory information systems (LIMS), enabling even more intuitive and automated work of laboratory personnel. Last but not least, during research and development works we employ scientists specializing in issues related to IT and biology. The launch of research works at the center is planned for the beginning of 2021.

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