Requests for quotation: Supply – network and communication infrastructure of R&D center

Rzeszów, 02/21/2020


carried out within the project "Construction of the Research and Development Center of Medical ICT Technologies" of Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020


Supply – network and communication infrastructure of R&D center

The content of the advertisement has been changed

The amendment concerns the provision in the content of the contract (attachment, template of the contract) in paragraph 5:

New wording of paragraph 5:

§ 5
1. The Contractor is liable to the Commissioning Party for any physical defects of individual device - Infrastructure, which are the subject of the contract. A physical defect shall mean, in particular, any inconsistency with the description of the subject of the contract contained in the inquiry of 02/21/2020
2. The infrastructure, in accordance with the specifications constituting the annexes to the contract, is covered by a guarantee for a period of ......... (in words: ........... ..) months from the date of signing the Final Acceptance Protocol. The following are excluded from the warranty described above:
a. ….
b. ….
Which are covered by the warranty under the following conditions ………………………..
3. The infrastructure is serviced on the terms consistent with the provisions of the Offer (including the requirements of the inquiry), which is an annex to this contract.

The change results from taking into account the possibility of the offer, when the entity responsible for the warranty and service is a third party - the manufacturer of the offered devices.

This change does not affect the substantive scope of the subject of the contract, does not extend the deadline for submitting offers.

Information as of March 6, 2020
Due to the situation related to the quarantine imposed on the areas where some of the factories producing components for network devices are located (including, in particular, in the territory of the PRC) and the resulting extension of order fulfillment terms to 90 days, the Commissioning Party decided to extend order fulfillment date until 06/30/2020. At the same time, we would like to inform that due to the planned completion date of the project and long, 90-day terms of waiting for the implementation of orders, the deadline for submitting offers will not change.
In connection with the abovementioned, the updated files have been attached: "Request for quotation_ Supply - Network and communication infrastructure of R&D center, updated 03/06/2020". The provision in the announcement point ‘Order completion schedule’ was also modified.

Dear Sirs and Madams,
Please be advised that in connection with the responses to request for quotation- Supply - Network and communication infrastructure of the R&D Center, provided on 2020, an obvious spelling mistake was noted in the content of the reply. Appropriately corrected answers to the questions asked are available at:




Name, address and date of receipt of the offer and its price
Name and address of the selected contractor:
Consortium of companies:
1. ONITEC S.A (consortium leader)
Al. Jerozolimskie 98, 00-807 Warszawa
2. SPEROFI Sylwester Domagała (consortium member)
Ul. Szarych Szeregów 20/42, 32 500 Chrzanów

Date of receipt of the offer:
03/20/2020 6:51 p.m.
170 550 USD
Average rate of 03.20.2020 = 4,2400
723 132,00 PLN