SoftMolecular empowers pathologists, geneticists, and forensic scientists to automate workflow and manage data and analysis stemming from current and future molecular testing methods in order to generate accurate interpretations and meaningful reports with minimized effort. This advanced genetics LIS platform supports both clinical and research applications of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) including Targeted Panels, Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), or Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) as well as other common molecular technologies. Robust and user-friendly, SoftMolecular enables users to design and streamline workflows, interface with automated instrumentation, manage patient and family cases, track sample storage and control inventory. As part of SoftSystem’s Genetics Information Systems Suite, SoftMolecular supports interfacing and communication with other laboratories and health agencies, and represents the most comprehensive suite of genetics LIS applications in the world.

Feature: Benefit:

Image attachments for each sample or per worksheet

Patient information and testing data can be easily accessed and referenced in a paperless environment. Therefore, patient files or logs are not required, which results in laboratory space and/or record storage expense savings.

Ability to rerun an entire batch or auto-assign a specific sample to the next pending batch with a single click of the mouse

Enables users to quickly and easily manage repeat testing so these repeat tests avoid the delays or mismanagement that can occur with manual process management approaches. This ensures the most optimal turnaround time, thus enhancing client satisfaction.

Ability to link controls to a sample or batch

Control documentation will be accurate, can be accessible per patient or batch, and will remain electronically linked for historical reference or investigation. Users no longer need to sort through manual logs or files in order to identify or trend control data for quality control troubleshooting.

Auto-calculation of master mixes with auto-deduction of volume from inventory

Reduction of manual calculations and inventory control leading to error-free calculations and effective inventory management.

Rules-driven alerts or notifications based on client, patient demographic, test, or result parameters

Reduce paper or phone communications and ensure timely and accurate delivery of special instructions or critical information.

Auto reflex and/or auto rerun testing across technologies based on client-defined rules

Eliminates manual error inherent in manual reflex/rerun ordering and reduces turnaround time of tests.