Document Management System

The application allows effective documentation management in
a way that supports the processes of quality management system.
Documents such as: Quality Manual, General Procedures,
Standard Operating Procedures, Manuals alongside with attached
documentation are stored and processed in the system.
The processes of creating, reviewing and approving changes in
the quality system are supported in the application, thus eliminating
the need for paper documents storing entirely.
As part of the support of quality management system it is also
possible to document corrective and preventive actions, potential
for improvement, risk management as well as planning and
conducting audits. The application enables integration with
external systems such as laboratory management systems or
production systems. As a result, we are able to supervise the
functioning of all aspects of the quality management system in
our organization in a clear and transparent way.


Constant access to up-to-date documentation ensures the work is uninterrupted and enables the provision of services at the highest
level. The implementation of Document Management Application allows the storage of all documents as well as quick access for authorized users from any workstation.
The system allows to search or filter through gathered documents by content, title or using key words.
Tagging documents and grouping tags into categories makes it easier to explore and work with documents, which is especially important in organizations with an extensive structure.


The application allows granting permissions related to access and processing the documentation to both individual users as well as groups. Depending on users’ rights, documents may be read-only or editable. Auto saving of backup copies guarantees that the original data can be restored if it is damaged or lost due to hardware failure. Data integrity is ensured as part of the backup mechanism.


The structure and types of documents in the system are created by the user who can also modify them, which allows to reflect any changes taking place in the organization and the processes. The workflows for adding or editing documents used in the system are adapted to the procedures followed in the organization. The modern and ergonomic user interface allows modifications
without the assistance of a programmer. Workflows allow the distribution of documents as well as assigning tasks to both individual users and groups.

The use of an electronic signature allows complete digitization of processes and elimination of paper documents.

Tasks and notificationse

Depending on the type of document, selected workflow and permissions granted in the system, users receive notifications about the tasks they need to performed, such as reviewing the document, approving it, creating a training plan or a document effective date plan. These notifications are visible in the system and can also be sent as email messages based on templates adapted to the organization.

Document history

Keeping a register of changes in documentation is necessary in organizations with an implemented quality management system. The Document Management Application allows the user to monitor changes introduced in documents alongside with their justification. All new versions of documents are saved in the application and uniquely identified.
The document history together with its archived versions are available for system reviews and audits. It is possible to create reports for user-selected date ranges.

Links and relations

Creating links between documents makes it easier to work and maintain control over documents in the management system. Documents related to each other are updated faster and more effectively, which minimizes the risk of omissions and mistakes.


Application users receive notifications about new documents they need to familiarize themselves with as well as their due date. Depending on the type of document and its purpose, it is possible to assign training courses to both individual users and groups. Training materials are available in various forms: PDF document, video and audio podcast, etc.


APPLICATION The use of the latest technological solutions guarantees flexibility, configurability and scalability, enabling efficient and effective adaptation of the solution to the way of operation and the specificity of the user’s key processes, with the degree of their complexity depending on individual needs. The software can be delivered in the cloud or installed on the customer’s infrastructure, guaranteeing scalability, allowing the users to decide on resource consumption, depending on their needs. The use of the most cutting-edge solutions based on web technologies makes it possible to operate the system from any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) using any operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux).


APPLICATION Supports the standards and requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 13485, GLP and GMP.