Biobanks as a complex IT service

Life Science Open Space 2018

On the 11th of October 2018 we took part in Life Science Open Space 2018 conference held in Kraków at ICE Congress Centre. The participants could discuss with us innovative IT solution SoftBiobank as well as talk about further development of our solutions.

Biobanks as a complex IT service

Biobanking became one of the key elements of XXI century science. More and more often, it is seen as a complex service integrating multiple features. This requires a system that will allow controlling specimen throughout the process of collection, processing, storage and analysis. Created by SoftSystem, in cooperation with scientists from University of Rzeszow, SoftBiobank is the solution answering those needs.

Each biobank or study can be characterized with distinct demands regarding sample collection. Samples can be banked for longitudinal studies but also can be analyzed “as they arrive”. Moreover, SOP and workflows force different sample handling. One of the main SoftBiobank features is its’ high configurability.

From the study level, it is possible to add a broad range of so-called Used Defined Fields (UDFs) which makes study management and data analysis easy and intuitive. In addition to that, UDFs can be modified and blocked at any time.
Most of the scientists operates mainly on Excel files, therefore SoftBiobank enables to create advanced forms that can be easily exported to Excel. Analogically, data gathered previously in Excel can be imported to existing biobank samples.
Advanced rules automatically assign sample types, alliquoting scheme and storage space for the subjects qualified to a specific study.

Security is our main concern therefore SoftBiobank enables to define sensitive data access levels for each user in accordance to its role assigned in the system. System provides Personally Identified Information protection to meet GDPR requirements. Virtual consortiums can be created enabling multiple users access to banked samples with all the security restrictions kept.

Interesting and innovative is a geolocation function, which can be especially useful in environmental and epidemiological studies. Presently it is implemented at Univesity of Rzeszow in the studies on diatoms. Moreover, our system operates in genetics, molecular biology and biotechnology labs.

Cloud based, SoftBiobank is modernly designed to make lab work most efficient without necessity to possess advanced informatics infrastructure. Without any doubts, our offer is a service supporting biobanking at many levels, from sample collection, accessioning, location and store to data processing. One of the essential elements of SoftBiobank is a support of data integration within one study, so a research team could focus on scientific part without concerning of IT part.
We encourage all scientific units and commercial laboratories collecting biological materials to cooperate. Our goal is to present to you an innovative service comprehensively supporting biobanking process. Beginning with designing an informatics infrastructure, throughout collecting results of experiments, integrating heterogenic data sets, finishing with final analysis and results formulation. All operations are realized with authorial and innovative informatics solution: SoftBiobank, and the group of experienced experts. Hopefully, we will be able to establish meaningful, partnership cooperation on further development of our solution.

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