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Dzial Rektrutacji

Recruitment - how to prepare?


1. Find out what we do and what the position you have applied for involves.
2. Prepare yourself to tell us about your competences and skills the best you can.
3. Revise theoretical knowledge concerning the position you have applied for.
4. Think about your financial expectations.
5. Develop a question list, think of questions to ask your interviewer.
6. Be punctual.

Recruitment process:


Recruitment Department thoroughly analyses submitted application documents. If candidates’ competences meet the requirements, then, depending on the position, candidates are invited to an interview or exam.

Exams are closely related to the position. Due to the fact that we cooperate with the company based in the USA, the exams are conducted in English. Before the interview, Recruitment Department precisely informs the candidates about the exam and its course.



If the exam has been successfully passed, the candidate is invited to an interview with the manager and Recruitment Department employee. Often interview with a candidate is preceded by an oral exam with the teacher assessing candidate’s English communication skills

The best candidates are invited to the final interview about conditions of employment.

After completion of all formalities new employee is welcomed in our company.

Candidates who participated in the exam and interviews always get feedback, regardless of the results.


If you want to know more about our recruitment processes, write to us at: 

Our Recruitment team will be happy to provide a comprehensive answer.

Recruitment team

Liwia Siwy

Recruitment and Training Specialist

Karolina Masłyk

Recruitment and Training Specialist

Agnieszka Stopa

Recruitment and Training Specialist