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Introducing a novel way to communicate with clients and patients online: the SoftGenePortal, from SoftSystem, the leader in laboratory and genetics information system solutions.

Flexibility is vital when it comes to providing physicians optimal service. SoftSystem’s SoftGenePortal enables users’ clients to place orders directly into their Genetics Suite modules as well as view test results and reports. Online connectivity supports remote consultations and technical component/professional component (TC/PC) split test options. Electronic notifications can be sent via the Web to numerous handheld or PC-based devices providing options reflective of today’s preferred communication modes. A new Patient Portal provides report accessibility and payment functionality. SoftSystem’s SoftGenePortal also presents a unique marketing venue to advocate users’ organizations and update their customers on their current test menu or laboratory services.

Feature: Benefit:

Online ordering is now enhanced with Wizard functionality that provides real- time information on incoming volumes and ensures that required data is provided. Furthermore, it automatically prompts the ordering party at accessioning entry with appropriate test ordering guidance, and enables users to request any unique additional information required for specific testing.

This functionality reduces resource needs in accessioning, eliminates delays experienced with incomplete paper requisitions, cuts costs associated with manual follow-up and supports optimized patient care while reducing unnecessary testing.

Using the SoftGenePortal webpage, users can brand their client-facing webpage to advocate their organization, communicate updates such as new test offerings and provide educational information.

This serves as a built-in, cost-effective marketing and educational venue.

Online resulting for TC/PC tests (the technical component of testing is performed at the lab, but the professional component is performed remotely by an external client) provides easy access to security protected HIPAA- compliant test results for remote or external physician review, interpretation generation, and report creation on pre-configured client-specific report templates.

This all-inclusive personalized approach caters to users’ professional component clients and gives their labs that competitive edge.

The SoftGenePortal online notification capabilities replace phone and fax communications. Notifications can consist of the following: status updates of test results, online availability of results or reports, reflex or adjunct test guidance, hyperlinks to relevant journal articles or policy statements, and even forms such as required consent or add-on test attestation forms.

Users can provide real-time notifications without delays often imposed by office hours or personnel availability. Efficiency gains and cost savings in clerical areas are achieved as well.

Patient Portal – Report access

Patients can access their reports in compliance with the patient access law, recently enacted by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Patient Portal – Payments and Invoices

Patients can view invoices and provide payments all via a secure patient registration supplementing the conveniences users’ organization can offer.

SoftGenePortal is offered as an add-on to genetic software products such as SoftGenomics, SoftMolecular, SoftPathDX, SoftBiochemistry, SoftFlowCytometry, SoftCytogenetics, SoftHLA, extending their functionality.

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