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Laboratory Information Systems

Working in a laboratory requires perfect organization on many levels, which would not be possible today if it were not for laboratory documentation and information management systems. If you are looking for a company that deals with designing, adapting to your individual needs and effective implementation of such software, we remain at your disposal. We have the necessary competencies and experience that make us a trustworthy partner, even in the most complex projects.
Each laboratory information management system we distribute is created strictly for a specific application. Individual functions and general operation are designed in such a way as to maximally improve the efficiency of work of specialists in the laboratory in various areas. Efficient data flow and the possibility of digitizing the activities carried out translate into better organization and higher efficiency of a given unit.


Efficient management of work in the laboratory

The custom-made pathomorphology or QMS system created by our team is used in numerous facilities all over Poland and other countries. We provide only modern, effective in operation and failure-free programming solutions that support the management of the laboratory. They are fully adapted to modern requirements and working conditions in units where various types of research are carried out. The versatility and intuitive operation of our software enables us to implement it in laboratories dealing with very different fields. Therefore, we can deliver it to a wide range of clients. We offer, among others, LIMS system which supports samples management. It is worth ordering it, if you want to improve control over them. The cytology system in turn is used to handle the results and share information about the procedures performed.

Entities and people interested in software supporting laboratory work are welcome to contact us!


Our products


Work management system in laboratories of various profiles: medical, environmental and industrial. It supports the processes of testing and developing samples, monitoring the warehouse, inventory and apparatus.


Sample repository management system, enables supervision over the storage and distribution of biological materials. Intended for both scientific and commercial biobanks.


Software aimed at organizations with an implemented quality management system. It facilitates the supervision of documentation, handling corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), monitoring trainings or conducting audits.

NGS Console

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing system. Dedicated to scientific and diagnostic laboratories.

Genetics ISS

A software package containing solutions for cytogenetics, molecular biology, immunogenetics, flow cytometry, biochemistry and pathology, aimed at facilities with an extensive diagnostic profile. Possibility of integration with the hospital system and access via the Internet.


A platform that allows to place orders for tests and access results and reports online, both by laboratories and directly by patients or doctors.


A specialized laboratory system dedicated to pathomorphological and histopathological laboratories.

Data Portal

A platform designed for storing, posting and sharing big data sets. Integrated with other applications, it facilitates transfer and distribution of data.


Is a modern software for managing the flow of data between LIS systems and medical instruments as well as software supporting the analysis of patient results.


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