Spectral cytometer

Spectral cytometer - specialist device for multi-parameter cell analysis in SoftSystem research and development center

For years scientists have been struggling to gain an insight into a biological system based on the evaluation of a single cell. The obtained results are not always unambiguous and may not allow for drawing consistent conclusions. Simultaneous evaluation of as many cell parameters as possible enables obtaining more optimal and precise data.

The role of classical flow cytometry in scientific and diagnostic research has been a recognized standard for many years. It is used in hematological, cancer and immunological diagnostics. The operation of flow cytometers is based on the use of fluorescent dyes that enable labeling of specific proteins as well as external and intracellular structures. Unfortunately, there are also some limitations to this method. These include a number of available fluorochromes, overlapping spectra for individual dyes or problems related to the influence of cell autofluorescence on the results obtained.

Spectral cytometry is an innovative tool that allows to solve many difficulties faced by classical cytometry. It significantly expands the scientific and diagnostic possibilities of this research method. While in classical cytometry only a part of the spectrum of light emitted by fluorochrome is analyzed, in spectral cytometry the entire range of such spectrum is analyzed. Thanks to this, the evaluation of cells using a spectral cytometer allows to generate the so-called ‘fingerprints’ for individual cell populations. This feature distinguishes spectral cytometers from other solutions available on the market.

The Sony SP6800 spectral cytometer purchased by SoftSystem is one of the first devices of this type installed not only in Poland but also in Europe. The device is equipped with 3 lasers that enable signal detection in 66 channels. This creates a unique opportunity to evaluate several dozen parameters for each analyzed cell simultaneously. The purchased device will allow for the implementation of research projects in the field of hematology and solid tumor oncology, in cooperation with leading research centers both in Poland and abroad.

The device has been purchased as part of the project "Construction of the Research and Development Center of Medical ICT Technologies" of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020 ACTION: 2.1. SUPPORT FOR INVESTMENTS IN R&D INFRASTRUCTURE FOR ENTERPRISES.

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