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IT job offers - Lublin

Employment in the industry specializing in the latest technologies is an opportunity for professional development and an attractive salary. If you are interested in working in IT in Lublin, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of offers for positions such as JAVA programmer, Testing Specialist and others. Why is it worth submitting a CV and give it a try? What are the conditions? What does the recruitment process look like and how to prepare for it? If you want to know the answers to these and other questions regarding employment at SoftSystem, we encourage you to read on!

Rich development prospects in a modern IT company

Our activity combines modern information technologies with medical knowledge, which is why we encourage you to apply, especially if you have experience in both these sectors. We also invite specialists from the IT industry who have not been employed in the medical industry before, but want to try a hand. Working in our company as a JAVA Programmer or as a Testing Specialist opens up broad development prospects thanks to ambitious and large-scale projects for innovative, large companies.

In our work, we use the most modern tools and efficient technologies, thanks to which we gather rich experience and broaden our professional horizons. We serve many foreign clients and implement projects for the largest medical corporations in the world. Employment at SoftSystem is an invaluable opportunity to acquire new competencies!

We are aware that the team plays a decisive role in the company’s success. Thus, we invest in employees in many fields, e.g. in regular, professional training, in which we emphasize both practice and theory. The development of competencies, knowledge and experience is a key aspect of working in IT, also in our company with a branch in Lublin. However, we also think of organizational and formal issues and a good atmosphere in the office.

Work tailored to your ambitions

We do everything to make our employees feel at home with us. We care for friendly relations in the team and guarantee fair, transparent and attractive working conditions in IT. We form a well-coordinated team of people who pursue a common goal and help each other if necessary. As part of employment, you can count on satisfactory salary reflecting the results, competencies and commitment as well as benefits, such as:

  • private healthcare packages,
  • possibility of using the MultiSport card from Benefit Systems,
  • bonuses depending on the results obtained,
  • free English lessons,
  • flexible working hours, which can adjust to individual needs
  • possibility of remote work.

All this with one goal in mind: so that IT work in our company, which has its branch, among others in Lublin, gave maximum satisfaction both in terms of salary and in terms of additional benefits. If you are interested in employment as a Programmer and are looking for a suitable offer, we encourage you to check the offers available on this page. If their descriptions and conditions are appropriate and you meet the given criteria, we encourage you to submit your application documents!

We invite not only experienced specialists who have been developing for years as JAVA / C # or Testing Specialist but also people who are just starting their careers and looking for their first position in IT. After submitting the documents, we will analyze them so that if we are interested in your candidacy, we will contact you.

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If none of the offers meet your expectations, leave us your application documents. Let us know in what position and why you would like to work with us and we will contact you, as soon as we have an offer for you in the future.

Recruitment process in our company